poetry, waves


When I was small I used to watch the waves of the sea,

Watch how they pounded over slippery rocks enclosing everything in themselves.

It was something about them that fascinated me,

Something that grasped my whole and full attention.

I used to wonder how this delicate creation of nature,

Could range from sweet droplets of water from the sky,

To tsunamis being anything else but shy.

I used to watch how the waves rolled across the shore,

Washing away long lost dreams into their blue darkness.

A darkness so rich in color, I would love to see.

That is until one day I let this darkness enter me.

I dont watch the waves anymore, because every time I do,

I get reminded of deep darknesses of the dark blue.

My dreams have found their place within this darkness,

And I can simply not watch and see,

How this darkness was able to take my dreams from me.