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Bound by Violence

She is bound by his violence,

And bound by her own silence.

She is kept in the dark,

Threatened by big sharp knifes that leave their mark.

And she pleads to him everyday,

To make the pain go away.

“My heart is aching, my blood is drying,”

“Oh my love, cant you see I’m slowly dying?”

“Please free me from your rope and metal chain,”

“Please free me from eternal pain.”

Whips crack through air,

As she moans out in despair.

And his eyes are glowing with fire,

He had all those promises to free her, but he’s nothing but a dirty little liar.

She is his slave and he is her master,

And with everyday, the pain seems to fade away faster.

She is purely an object to fulfil his fantasies and still his lust.

An her blood has been draining away,

Until today.

It is all dried up from hours and weeks and months and years,

But she has no other choice,

Than to stay.