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New Feeling

This is a feeling Ive never had before,

Before you, love was only driven by my lust, nothing but a bland chore.

I used to sing my song to enchant my victims quick,

And make them my peasants of lust, by just a finger click.

But suddenly now my world is more vibrant,

Everything is so clear,  now you’re my world, my sacred diamond.

You aren’t a heavy chore,

I dont feel like using you for lust, then throwing you away like all others before.

You’re the light in my darkness that I need,

And without this light my world will become dull and red, my heart will bleed.

I have no clue what made me feel like this,

Maybe it was that first touch of our hands, or maybe it was that first kiss.

You’re always there, in my mind,

I think this feeling’s called “love,” I think its making me blind.

I know that this will sooner or later end,

And you won’t be able to stay my lover, or even friend.

I know I will cry for hours and hours, days, and weeks,

And as time goes on my mood will reach its depressive peaks.

But Im too blind to see,

The bad, I only know I’m in love with you, and hope you’re in love with me.

The time right now is too beautiful to waste,

So lets just enjoy its bitter sweet taste.

This is a feeling Ive never had before,

I think its love.