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Things I love

People always complain,

About the things they hate, their remorse, their pain.

But don’t you see?

We always look past the simple things and their beauty.

So heres my personal list, of what I love:

-The feelings of making someone smile,

and making their day lived worthwhile.

-A fresh breeze of air on a hot summers day,

And how its chills travel down your spine, and then slowly disappear away.

-The way he looks at you when you speak with passion,

Or the way he holds you when tears run down your cheeks, in compassion.

-How the waves of the sea sparkle and shimmer during the sunset,

And how every sunset is different, and their beauty, you will never forget.

–  When a stranger smiles at you, and you smile too,

Which then turns into an interesting conversation about him and you.

-The way his breath on your ear, travels through your body down you spine,

And makes you feel every moment to be precious and divine.

And there is so much more,

So much I already appreciate, but also more that I will look for.

And every day brings with it another simple beauty,

You just gotta look for it.

And once you realise that beauty lays not only in money and complexity,

You will learn,

That you dont always have to expect something in return.

Because you got everything you need, right here, right now.

Start to enjoy the simplest moments,

Because those are the rarest.

Hold on to them.

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Rusty Rooftops

I just wanna climb on the rusty rooftops with you,
And lay down on the creaky old, cold metal
You can take me into your arms and I will feel warmth trickling down my spine
And stare with you at the blue moon and stars, and get distracted by your eyes, so sublime.
I can almost feel your fingers run through my hair,
And hear your voice chatter into the light of the stars as we lay in the midst of chilled gloomy air.
Our bodies are freezing and the only warmth we get is by gentle kisses
I’ll let our minds wander off into the stars and infinities of the night time sky.
Say goodbye to planet earth, but soon
The sun will rise and warm our bodies with the first light of the day,
And we will wake up to each other, just smile.
Just exchange looks and say nothing for a while.
There are no words to express how we feel right now.
Oh how I love those rusty rooftops,
Of my imagination.

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“Just teenager things”

Sometimes they`re not very trusting.

Sometimes they`re in a bad mood.

Sometimes they have their own opinion on something.

Sometimes they dont like their food.

“Those are just teenager things”-my mom used to say.

All they do is one thing stupider than another, and that, everyday.

They walk through life like it were some sort of game,

Dreams are unrealistic, be a superstar, have fame.

“Those are just teenager things”-my mom used to say.

But how are those teenager things?

How is it bad to have dreams and goals, unrealistic to reach, and fly with our imaginary wings?

How is it different to anyone else, old, young or in between?

We all have our own opinions, weather we are old, young or a teen.

“Those are just teenager things”-my mom used to say.

But I can prove her wrong!

All they do is be human, just like everyone else, some more crazy than others, and that, everyday.