What is Success?

How do you measure success?

The first obvious answer is, money.

But I dont fully agree with this statement anymore.

What is money? Sheets of paper. You can burn them and they are gone.

What does money do?

Buy you things, materialism.

Is materialism therefore success?

It seems silly to me.

So what is success?

Success is being happy in life, but often , people think the only way to achieve this is by: buying more.

More, MORE, MORE Always more.

But these moments only last for a short amount of time.

What would these people do without constantly consuming new goods?

How would they be happy, successful, you name it.

Why cant people just start appreciating simple things life gives to you for free?

Be happy because of your wonderful family that you’ve built.

Be happy for your wife, brothers and sister who will support and love you no matter what.

Be happy for knowledge that life gas given to you and

Be happy and grateful for what you have, not worry about what you dont have.

Happiness is love, emotion.

Happiness is seeing someone else happy because you helped them.

Happiness in knowing that you always tried your best and

Happiness is knowing you managed to keep your head above the ground and tried harder and harder.

Happiness is knowing that because of your efforts, you never slipped into oblivion,

Because you kept trying.

You are a fighter and never give up.

Happiness are memories that make you smile, and cry.

So dont tell me your life isn’t successful.

Dont break your own heart.

Because if you look deep inside, to find out what truly defines your success.

What truly matters to you in the end of the day,

just before night breaks in,

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.