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Hate and Pain

Here I am, slipping back into oblivion.

Loosing myself,


Eyes fill with hatred,

My bones are weak, brittle, still I don’t feel


What if I revealed to you, my darling, my bloodthirsty thoughts?

Would you run away?

Or would you stupidly stay?

What if you could watch my mind?

You could watch yourself get murdered a thousand times,

In various creative ways.

You would have seen my smile as I stab your guts,

Over and over,

And as you would watch, you’d fail to keep your composure.

“Close your eyes baby, nothing will happen, I promise!”-I say

As you are chained to the dusty dark ground beneath me,

My promises are dirty little lies, I love to betray.

You have no clue what goes on inside of me now, sweetie.

You have no clue that any moment I could explode,

Beat you blue and black and slit your dirty little throat.

Oh you helpless creature!

As you lay here and paint my floor red,

You can be the student and listen, Ill be the teacher,

Ill tell you about all the times I have betrayed your trust.

Ill tell you about all the times, I have lost myself, in the endless seas of lust.

Listen closely, sweat heart!

Ill tell you about my deepest darkest secrets and future plans,

And you are not one of them, not by any chance.

Oh how I love red floors! Thank you my darling!

You are just charming!

My hate for you might slowly fade away,

But never completely, it will always stay.

Its too late now.

Im slowly suffocating in seas of hate and pain,

And I have made you my specimen.

So drown with me darling,

And as you slowly die,

The last thing you will see, is my betraying little smile.