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Generation Dead

What happened to life and living?
What happened to caring, not taking but giving?
Has our society really come this far?
That the only movement of people is from their bed to the kitchen to the car?
What happened to friendly talks with strangers by the sea side?
Why are people turning so weirdly antisocial, alone, like they have something to hide?
This generation is fast and never stops,
There’s barley time anymore to enjoy life’s little pleasures, it’s like we’re constantly being watched by cops!
But is it really just that?
At the same time we are getting lazy, boring, fat.
Kids at the age of 5 getting their phones,
When I was their age, I was playing with sticks and stones.
Walk through the hallways of a school and what you’ll see,
Is dozens of 1st graders sitting on their computers whilst outside its nice and sunny.
What happened to imagination?
What happened to childhoods of jumping around in mud, a time of fun, failure and creation.
A family who only sees each other for dinner,
Sits down but there it is, the ring of the sinner.
Dad jumps up and leaves for the call,
The children don’t seem to like this at all.
Our world is always evolving, I get that,
Of course we can’t stay back in time, go back to the times we thought our world was flat.
But what we can do,
Is take a deep breath stop thinking less about the me, I myself, you.
Turn off that phone every now and then,
Don’t let your children waste their lives in a virtual world of loneliness.
Let them be creative, hand them a piece of paper and a pen.
Don’t make them fall asleep in front of the TV, tell them stories of Spider-Man, the monster of Loch Ness !
Don’t let them evolve into imagination less wrecks with squared vision,
Let them be creative, give them a goal, a mission!
And this is what our Generation has come to,
Efficiency at the cost of the quality of life and what we like to do.

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I Dont Hate You

Im sorry you think I hate you.

Im sorry that Im the source of your madness, whatever youre going through.

I dont want to be this way, but its hard to change.

Every time you leave my life, then come back, everything seems so strange.

I hope you know I love you, but I dont think you know

That every time you leave, time goes by so slow.

Every time you leave I miss you so much,

I dont want to, but deep inside I hold a grudge.

I can not bear to have you gone,

Its extremely hard for me to move on.

So guess what I do?

Every time you leave, I burn you, cut you from my heart to not remember you.

And when you come back to give your love,

Its like you’re nothing but a stranger, that has to get disposed off,

because every time you leave, I die a little inside.

I dont want to get stabbed over and over again, so I hide.

I know I act strange, but I just want you to know,

That I still love you, that this is all just a show.