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Red Rain

I watch you quietly sit in frosty late night showers of rain,

I cant yet decipher what it is, but in your eyes, I see pain.

Shelter is around you, yet you choose to stay in the cold, why?

Crystal droplets run down your face in streams, so I cant see you cry.

Her soaked hair is clinging to her fair skin,

Trying to hide away her eyes, hide all the bad that has been.

She’s whispering words into the clouds of rain,

They slowly fade away, and she hopes, so will her pain.

“Wash it all away and set me free!” She cries.

“Wash it all away!” She screams into the skies.

Puddles beneath soak in a dark tint of warmth, her only warmth left.

Its slowly dyeing her white long dress,

Making its way down,

Fading into the ground.

Metallic clattering of death, drops onto the ground,

Its her dagger, laying there in bloody puddles, hoping to get drowned.

Not even the biggest amount of rain can wash away,

This scene, the amount of blood might go but the feeling that something strange happened here, will always stay.

All I can do is watch you die and suffocate beneath a wall of water.

The wall is thin, but it seems so much stronger.

I reach out my hand but she denies its gonna help her at all,

So I watch her die, slowly, the only thing holding us apart is her emotional brick wall,

Not even the rain can wash away this.

Not even the rain.