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Generation Dead

What happened to life and living?
What happened to caring, not taking but giving?
Has our society really come this far?
That the only movement of people is from their bed to the kitchen to the car?
What happened to friendly talks with strangers by the sea side?
Why are people turning so weirdly antisocial, alone, like they have something to hide?
This generation is fast and never stops,
There’s barley time anymore to enjoy life’s little pleasures, it’s like we’re constantly being watched by cops!
But is it really just that?
At the same time we are getting lazy, boring, fat.
Kids at the age of 5 getting their phones,
When I was their age, I was playing with sticks and stones.
Walk through the hallways of a school and what you’ll see,
Is dozens of 1st graders sitting on their computers whilst outside its nice and sunny.
What happened to imagination?
What happened to childhoods of jumping around in mud, a time of fun, failure and creation.
A family who only sees each other for dinner,
Sits down but there it is, the ring of the sinner.
Dad jumps up and leaves for the call,
The children don’t seem to like this at all.
Our world is always evolving, I get that,
Of course we can’t stay back in time, go back to the times we thought our world was flat.
But what we can do,
Is take a deep breath stop thinking less about the me, I myself, you.
Turn off that phone every now and then,
Don’t let your children waste their lives in a virtual world of loneliness.
Let them be creative, hand them a piece of paper and a pen.
Don’t make them fall asleep in front of the TV, tell them stories of Spider-Man, the monster of Loch Ness !
Don’t let them evolve into imagination less wrecks with squared vision,
Let them be creative, give them a goal, a mission!
And this is what our Generation has come to,
Efficiency at the cost of the quality of life and what we like to do.

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How I love those moments…

How I love those simple moments;
Moments where we just sit and let our words of chatter disappear into the artificially lit nighttime sky of city lights.
Moments where we just cuddle tight against each other and laugh until our breaths are taken away and stomachs cramp, leaving us crying tears of joy.
Moments where all we need for happiness is ourselves, and a candle in the middle to give warmth to the whole setting.
We are together and that’s what matters.
Forget the fast paced life we all live daily,
Forget our worries for just a little while,
Just be together and smile.

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Rusty Rooftops

I just wanna climb on the rusty rooftops with you,
And lay down on the creaky old, cold metal
You can take me into your arms and I will feel warmth trickling down my spine
And stare with you at the blue moon and stars, and get distracted by your eyes, so sublime.
I can almost feel your fingers run through my hair,
And hear your voice chatter into the light of the stars as we lay in the midst of chilled gloomy air.
Our bodies are freezing and the only warmth we get is by gentle kisses
I’ll let our minds wander off into the stars and infinities of the night time sky.
Say goodbye to planet earth, but soon
The sun will rise and warm our bodies with the first light of the day,
And we will wake up to each other, just smile.
Just exchange looks and say nothing for a while.
There are no words to express how we feel right now.
Oh how I love those rusty rooftops,
Of my imagination.

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The End is Near

The end is near they say, the end is near.

It creeps just  a little closer with every tear.

With every breath, word, doing.

Weather or not you’re pursuing.

Pursuing your  dreams, you’re racing against time.

You can sing your song, but it wont stay in chime.

They say why hope, when all will be lost in the end?

Why waste your time with a fake friend?

When with time you`ll be nothing but a far fetched memory, that will fade.

They always say the end is near,

but why live life in fear?

Life is short, but that helps us understand,

That life is a beautiful thing, we should live it, stand with naked feet in the sand.

We should jump around and breathe the air,

Love, smile, and pursue our dreams without a care.

We should enjoy the time we are given and count our days in moments,

Rather than to negatively bring down ourselves and despise life with all its components.

They say the end is near, it might.

But life is too colourful, too bright.

To notice the dark and despise our life`s.

To cut our life deep with sharp black knifes.

Why not love it, when its beautiful in its own ways,

Rather than to despise it, live your life in happiness and craze.

Use the the little time you’ve got and listen to the sound of the air,

Possibilities are infinite, its you to decide weather or not to care.

The end is near they say, the end is near.