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Mysterious Musical Mind

The best music comes from the most mysterious people

They are unpredictable, can be good or evil.

They may hide a lot, not talk as much,

You might think you know them, but its easy to misjudge.

Their brains are filled with colourful bundles of ideas that they can only communicate

Through their instruments, these are the times of passion, their brains goes crazy, they almost hallucinate.

They dont feel much in our grey world of repetition and boredom, nothing can stimulate their senses,

But that breathtaking tune on the violin, makes their hearts fill with joy, and the tunes become intensive.

We are musicians, there are no guidelines, nor good or bad,

And our tunes dont get lost with time and become a fad.

Our tunes can fill your heart to its maximum, bursting with joy,

Or suck out all your life, describe your situations without words, you cry, but you still enjoy.

We are musicians, we love what we do.

Because even though music cant be seen, nor touched, it still has the power to influence you.