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Pretty Smiles Have a Lot To Hide

Usually she was the one who brought happiness to everyone,

She was the one who radiated more positive energy than the sun.

She was always the one with the prettiest smile,

However, deep inside, she had been empty for quite a while.

Actually, quite a lot more than empty.

But no one saw past her act of being overly friendly.

No one ever saw how her brittle heart was draining away slowly,

Like black tar, almost ghostly.

No one ever saw that she was battling monsters every day,

And emotions were something that she tried to hide and keep away.

Until one day, she couldn’t afford to get them back,

In her little world of grey and black.

So to get some sort of feeling,

She started concealing, by healing.

She would do anything to make anyone smile,

Until even that faded.

And her saviour came to catch her and bring her back into the sunshine,

He’d tell her he loved her, handled her like she was a dime.

He saw her rotting heart and freed her from darkness,

And focused only on her for a while, on her feelings, and fixing sadness.

He loved her like no one had ever done,

He loved her for who she was, knew her real smile, he knew, their journey had only just begun.

And for once she was truly happy and took off her mask.

There was no need to wear it anymore, no one ever asked.

For once, she was only the mirror reflecting the light, not handing it out to everyone.

And when one day finally her heart was renewed,

And all the broken pieces were glued,

She started handing out her sunshine again.

Only this time, it was real, not like it was back then.

Who would have guessed,

That this little spark in her darkness,

Would end up saving her ?