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When my day comes

When my day comes,
The day that all left of me will be my souls crumbs ,
And my color fades away,
I have one request, if I may.
Don’t lock me in a box and burry me deep under.
Why? You might wonder.
Well, Reaching the end of my days,
I will sink into darkness, say goodbye to my life lived in color and craze.
So Don’t just burry me in the ground.
It’s so dark and cold down there, nothing beautiful to be found.
Ill just be another set of rusty bones locked away
From society to forget, not to remember, my memory will get lost, no one will pray.
A long lost soul caught in a box beneath the ground,
This scares me, I’ll be locked in the darkness never to be thought of, or found.
I know one day all my memories will fade and I’ve come to terms with that,
But to be buried in cold soil of sorrow will make my soul crave light, want to come out of the colorless matte.
Instead sprinkle me on forests of green,
So I can feel lights beam.
Sprinkle some in the waters of the ocean,
So I can be one with waves emotion.
Let my colors fly free,
I might be gone on earth, but my colors will be able to fly free spiritually.
Just don’t lock me in the dark,
Don’t do that to me,
Leave my soul the Beauty of this world, let it flow free.

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No one can read me, not even you.

No one can read me, not even you.

No one can see me, so whatever you see, you should think through.

My eyes are blank and my heart is cold, they say.

And feelings are nothing but the mixture of colours on the floor in fall, all swept away.

You might not know, but whilst Im smiling, Im dying inside.

You might not notice, but when I tell you Im fine, that is just another night I cried.

You dont know my past, I dont expect you to.

No one knows my past, no one, not even you.

You dont know me, I know you dont.

You dont know me, you can try to find out, but I cant let you, I wont.

How can you act the way you do, when Im supposed to be the one in distress?

How can you throw me away and believe I dont notice?

Ive been thrown away before, and with every time, I get more numb.

And now look at me, look at what Ive become.

Ive become someone no one knows, not even you.

So whatever you do to me, you should think through.

You may know my passions in life, but my not my past,

Which still dwells over me, its been some time, but time runs fast.

My skin burns everyday,

But since no one knows, you still treat me like trash, I pay.

Stop please, just stop. I cry under water to make it seem like its nothing.

The tears mix with the salt water, but dont you see Im drowning?

Im locked in a prison cell, bound down with ice cold chains.

Stop please, just stop. My mask will fall off from the tears.

And I will have to face my biggest fears.

Give me a hug, I need it now.

Force me if I refuse. Even if I dont allow.

Give my little heart some warmth, I need it.

You dont know me, but you can try,

To give me a smile, and make the bad fly.

No one can read me, not even you.

change, cold hearted, dark, goomy, poem, poems, poetry


You told me I changed.

Its something about me, my hair, maybe one has been rearranged?

You say my light is slowly dripping away and my smile is gone.

That I look like I wear a mask everyday, its just a show I put on.

When I hear these things, it feels like a dagger slowly being forced into my guts,

Leaving me behind with huge cuts.

I tell you “I havent changed, dont you see?”

“I am still the same, happy little girl Ive always tried to be!”

 But when you tell me everyday that everything is my fault,

With every new time, my world stops turning and comes to a hault.

I do smile, but its at times that I am away from you.

You are totally ignorant towards my feelings, oh if only you knew.

If only you knew how many nights I have cried over how you treat me,

You might even understand my acting towards you, and agree.

But you dont, you are just as cold as I can be sometimes, we are very much the same.

We both hide our troubles, and never show signs of pain.

But you still expect me to hold all the troubles you can’t bear,

You dump them on me like trash, you don’t even care.

What if I told you I can’t hold this load, that its slowly making me die?

What if I told you, that because of you, I have broken our trust, now its all a big lie?

At least you’ve noticed I changed but you haven’t noticed the source of my sadness.

You haven’t spotted the source of my infinite madness.

If only you knew, 

That the only source of my madness, is, you.