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Wish come True

That was it!

She couldn’t belief it.

This was her wish come true,

This was the moment, she was pulled out of her world of grey and blue, and into the exiting new.

This was the moment after weeks of trying,

Weeks of denying.

Weeks of thinking, he would never make a move.

Weeks of thinking, he’ll be something she will loose.

Weeks of tears and a distant feeling,

That he wouldn’t see in her, what she saw in him, her heart was bleeding.

And she had almost come to terms with her fate,

When suddenly, in a moment of small hope, she decided it was never to late.

And now her world was as colourful as could be.

Her world was immensely changed from grey and blue, to the new things to explore for her and see.

Had she never had that glimpse of hope,

Had she never gone the risky path of the steeper slope.

She would be alone now, in her world of grey,

Cutting her own heart into pieces, and throwing them away.

But now this was it.

And she couldn’t believe it one bit.

She had reached the unreachable,