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Being Gay is Wrong, they Say

They say to be gay is wrong, nothing but a stupid trend,

They say that they have the choice to be different, they just pretend.

Its something wrong and disgusting, that people shouldn’t be exposed to .

Its so wrong for people to see, or unknowingly run into.

But let me ask you, do you really think they have a choice?

After years and years of people telling them how wrong they are, you become nothing but background noise.

Little Max was always a lovable child, loved to help others around him, and was the kindest of all.

But he never had a passion for “boy sports,” football, rugby, baseball.

He didn’t love girls the way he was “supposed” to, which he found out from a young age.

And when his friends found out, they beat him to his lowest, ripped his heart out of his rib cage.

His world became dark, he started to believe what everyone told him, wanted to change.

But every time he tried to love a girl, it felt so weird, so strange.

After 12 years of schools torture of telling him how much of a looser he was,

He still didn’t give up because,

Because he didn’t want to give in, he was strong and knew he couldn’t let them bring him down.

And if there was one thing to make them get worse, it was for him to frown.

One day he told his parents, and guess what they did?

They rejected him, never wanted to talk to him again, even though he was their own kid.

Even though they had always told him they would love him no matter what.

Even though they had always told him they wanted him to be happy.

It was only when Max took his life, that they started to notice how much they actually missed,

their only son. They realised he had killed himself, because every time he asked them to love him for him, they would resist.

He had killed himself, because he couldn’t be himself, in a world full of prejudice and hate.

They realised he would still be their small Max, whom they loved, no matter weather gay or straight.

But it was too late.

And people still think, gays have a choice.

People still bring them down.

People still cut them with their words, want to make them drown.

How sad to think, that somewhere right now, a kid is thinking about taking his life, due to his sexuality.

How sad.