away, comfort, far, friendship

Im far away

Oh I wish I could make you happy,

But Im far away.

I wish I could fly across the globe,

In the blink of an eye, every day.

And hold you tight and tell you,

“Its fine, you’ll be okay.”

I would pack only colours vibrant and bright,

And take home all the deepest darkness of your constant night.

And we would dance and sing,

Id do anything, for you to again hear lives sweet ring.

And Id love to know that you’re finally again happy inside,

And to know the dark part of you died.

But I can’t. 

I can’t come to comfort you,

And hold you tight and tell you everything will be ok.

I can’t bring with me the bright colours of the most beautiful day.

All I can do is stay.

And watch you slowly decay,

Into the night of your day.

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Help the world be a little more okay.

I think I’m losing my mind.

Im officially going insane.

All I do, is cause others pain. 

I remember when I was just a child,

I was the one who always smiled.

And all I wanted, was the happiness of others.

All I wanted, was for everyone to forget their troubles.

And I remember, how I used to cry,

When someone I never knew, passed me with a black eye.

And I used to think and say,

“Im just a little girl, who will help the world, to be a little more okay.”

And look at what I am today.

Someone who can’t keep friends, because they always break away.

And look what I am a now.

My friends end up falling in love with me, but I don’t know how.

There are things in my past, that can’t let me love.

Love is something that has to quickly get disposed of,

In my little messed up world.

But it always ends in a way, 

That makes me want my friends to stay away.

And it somehow always happens,

They can not keep a balance.

They want more.

More than I can give them.

And then they are heartbroken. 

And I see them cry, and sob.

And the only way for them to stop,

Is to forget me.

So I end up becoming nothing.

Nothing but a far fetched memory of the dark past.

And the meaning of what I wanted to be, melts away.

Even though the only thing I wanted to be, was “just a little girl, who will help the world, to be a little more okay.”