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Let my Hand Go

Let my hand go,

Let me disappear into red tinted snow.

Can’t you see I have feelings too?

Can’t you understand I have to let you go, because I love you?

I know it’s harsh and hardly sane,

But this is how I deal with pain.

How am I ever going to find my guiding light,

If you keep me hidden away at night? 

Please don’t cry, please don’t cry,

I know it’s hard to break the bond of you and I.

it was always us two, 

You know me, and I know you.

Two cold hearts unite to an uncomprehendable to most friendship,

We never cried, until this whole story took a flip.

And now we have no choice but to be teared apart,

And we wish we could play our story from the start.

But don’t you realize we have to move on?

The world keeps spinning, and our hearts will stay as one.

And every night before you go to sleep, 

Look at the moon, and sky’s stars so deep.

Remember my tunes in your times of sadness, 

Or forget me if it can cure your madness.

Just what matters the most to me,

Is your happiness, don’t you see?

So after you let go of my hand,

Wherever you gotta go, whatever you gotta do,

Just remember that I’ll always be in your heart, and I’ll always love you. 

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Its warm and sun rays are warming my face,

A fresh breeze is flowing around tunes of the double bass.

We are together, we are one.

Its been a long time since we’ve had this much fun.

I missed you, I must say.

You’re always gone, sad, or away.

Its been a long time since we had a laugh all together, it feels like its been years!

It feels like all this time you’ve only been drowning in tears.

You never notice but you affect the mood of me,

Even the the mood of the rest of our little family.

And every time I see you destroy a little more of yourself,

It affects me too.

So being together and united again,

Is such a wonderful thing, and all the pain, is washed away by the rain.

I love to see everyone smile together,

And dance around in circles in sunny weather!

Lets make this feeling last,

Lets stay vibrant and jolly like the greenest of grass.

And lets hold our hands, and never let them go,

The only thing that matters is that we are there for each other, and that, we have to show.