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Eyes of Lies

People always say,

“Eyes are a gateway,..”

“..a gateway into ones soul.”

But this is pure lies, not, if you have full control.

People see her eyes and tend to think,

That they can judge her by a single blink.

And they always say,

“What an adorable bubbly girl, she would never betray!”

But lies

are written In her eyes.

Her life is a single big lie,

And sometimes, all she wants to do is die.

She has barley any identity left,

Only the darkness of her past, that holds onto her brittle chest.

And whilst she’s plotting for a murder, driven by hate,

You will become her nightly fate.

You will fall for her smile, her love, her laugh, her eyes.

But exactly this mistake, will later on make you scream out in despise.

And by just the blink of an eye,

She will make you her next victim, and slowly make you die.

You would never have guessed she would turn out like this,

You thought you knew her by her eyes, the first kiss.

But the reality is that she doesn’t feel,

And in order to get sensation, she wants to destroy any love that seems real.

And by just the blink of an eye,

You fell for a big, dirty lie.

Eyes of Lies