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Dream Killer

Blow out the candles and dim the lights,

Close your eyes in stary nights.

Take a breath and say goodbye,

To whom you’re now, just make it fly.

Fly from reality, far away

To a world without rules, or so they say.

Do as you please, act as you want

For this colourless clay world seems less blunt.

Dig your fingers in cold clay ,

And model all your life away.

Make a heart, its all about you,

Or take that heart and tear it in two.

Make a knife and sharpen it nicely,

The night is short, so use your time wisely.

Now the hunt begins, she’s looking for fresh pray,

In her limitless world of bloody clay.

She is a dream killer and she won’t stop,

Until she sees her prays spilled blood.

She loves her nightly dreams of clay,

Loves to make fantasies play away.

Any lost dreamer wandering about,

Will have wished to have never stumbled around.

They’ll suffer in breathlessness until the next day,

When rays of light awaken them in surprise and sway.

They would never guess,

That their nightmare was just another dreamers mind mess.

Lady by day and killer by night,

She’s the fighter not the flight.

So next time you close your eyes,

Don’t get lost in orientation, be wise.

For you might just land in her land of clay,

And be her next bloody prey.