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Love is Love.

A poem about a girl I once knew, and her struggles of love.

“Every night before I go to sleep,

There is this special love I seek.

But every night I also realise,

That for this special love, I will be criticised. 

And I don’t know how to feel,

People think I am joking about what is real.

They make jokes about love and how mine isn’t quite right,

But I deny it, and throw accusations into scene of this stary night. 

What if I were to tell them, that their jokes were real,

And that my accusations were all wrong, about how i feel.

All humans do love, so do you, so do I.

Why is it such a crime, to love another gender, to be be gay, straight or bi?

Isn’t it all the same?

And as I write these exact words, my hands are shaking.

And as I write these words, my hearts protective barrier, is slowly breaking.

And tears run down my eyes.

Why? Because I know once I tell the truth, I will be despised.

“Its WRONG. Its DISGUSTING. Its just a FAD.”

“But be yourself darling, don’t let the world make you mad.”


Do you know how horrible it feels, to come home after a long day of pretending,

To love a guy, and that your love for him, is unending. 

To know that each guy you ever “loved,” you never did.

For if I were to follow my instincts, GOD WOULD FORBID!

And Ill just tell you the truth right here, right now.

I have never loved anyone I supposedly loved.

People wonder, why I throw my relationships away, without a care.

Simply, because I was confused of who I was, didn’t want to be bare.

I didn’t want to admit to myself, and want others to know,

That my “love” was just a show.

Kind of sad I suppose.

Im just caught in this tricky web called “society.”

I know people will call me names, and friends will be lost.

Because I followed my love. All will come at a cost. 

I always lie, lie, lie…

But people never notice, never asked why.

Well Ill tell you the truth now.

The whole, damn, truth.

I don’t love boys, I love girls. Accept it or not. “