Madly in love 

I wish I could show you how immensely much you mean to me.

I wish I could fully express just the mere scale of madness I’ve reached, all from loving you.

You mean more to me than I could ever show,

And nothing I could do would ever be enough.

I wish I could express my honest feelings and talk about everything openly and freely,

But something within me won’t let me.
To the best of my ability I love you,

But it’s nowhere close to expressing how much you actually mean to me.

And it drives me mad

Why can’t I just talk about these things openly?

It’s like my subconscious is trying to lock me away from you,

Or protecting me from this potential danger; Love,

Its had it’s fair share of victims.

Maybe my subconscious is just looking out for me to not be the next.

Still I just wish I could show you just how crazily in love I am with you,

But I can’t.


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