“Look me in the eyes”

He grabbed my face,

“Look me in the eyes goddammit.”

A simple action some might say.

After months of being together,

One might think it would come naturally.

But all I saw was fire.

All I felt was pain, in this moment of desire.

I was afraid.

But still I looked at you in my most vulnerable state.

I did, Im not weak, but you made me feel it.

Something about your mechanical, aggressive stare intimidated me.

But I could never tell you, and you would never understand,

That the last time I looked at someone this way,

They broke me.

Shaking and crying I lay on the floor,

And he didn’t care.

He just left and laughed.

You are not him,

But something about this whole thing

Is making me so nervous,

And I can’t shake the feeling,

That maybe you’ll end up being the same one day.


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