Yesterday I dreamt of you,

So unexpected, and out of the blue.

Suddenly, there you were in your entire, demeaning presence.


Trickling from my core into every of my limbs.

I thought I had completely erased you out of my life,

Out of my mind.

But I proved myself wrong.

My breathing became heavier,

Hands starting to dampen.

And as you took slow tentative steps towards me,

It all came back to me,

I fought the memories,

But they all came gushing in at once.

It was too late.

I remembered it all,

How you lead me to believe you loved me, leading me to an abandoned place,

How you slapped me so hard I fell to the ground,

Kicking my stomach rolling me onto my back, spitting on my face,

How you told me to keep still, and ripped off the pretty dress I had bought for our first date, my first ever date.

I remember screaming, calling for help, and trembling uncontrollably out of a mixture of pain and horror.

I was crying and bleeding, but you only laughed and punched me over,

And over,

So hard,

That even my trembling disappeared.

So I stayed still, tears running down my cheek,

Until you were done, got up, and left.

But not for long.