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It was full moon, when my world fell away,

And just for a second,

We were the starburst of light amongst the darkening dusk.

The kiss was slow and soft,


The night was crisp,

I was tracing raindrops down your cars dusty windows,

Racing them against each other.

Unexpectedly, I felt your hand on my thigh.

Until now, it had all felt natural,

But your grip was so different, quite strong,

Rather mechanical.

Suddenly all warmth was gone, I felt cold,

Started to shiver.

You looked at me,

And I knew, this would never work out.

See through me,

See through my opague silk cover,

My evanescent eyes.

In my sickishly sweet presence,

Most crumble to dust.

I let the wind surreptitiously sweep them into nights soft darknesss,

And the hissing of the wind taking them away,

Sings me sweet lullaby tunes.

Ill enchant you to want my presence,

To touch my velvet skin,

But all I really need you to do,

Is for you to see through me,

And see beauty in my, initially, demure presence.

But you probably won’t.



im feeling a little bit lost

the world is so big and vast

i draw with all the colors of the wind

and breathe in the the sweet city lights at night

but at the end of the day,

i come home

and i am alone.

im not used to this,

this life so lonely and dull.

i need someone to share my happiness with,

someone, with a good soul.

who will care for me deeply

and laugh and cry and explore the world with me.

i have my eye on a few,

who could be the ones to rescue me.

but every time i do, they fly away

far far away

like i dont matter

at all