love, desire and conquest


pull me closer

i need you

embrace all of me

oh, im so lonley.

just a lost soul 

but you make me feel at peace.

i remember

the moment you told me,

“this will be something.”

“we will be something.”

why’d you lie? why’d you lie?

say it. repeat it. liar.

dont you dare invade me.

dont you dare touch me.


dont you dare

look at me the way you did that night.

dont you see,

you killed me,

when you looked at her just the way you looked at me.

it killed me.


damn you.

you might as well

just have told me when and where

and i would’ve been there.

rip my heart into pieces 

watch me die in your arms

tell me just the way you did that night,

to her and me,

your lies.

repeat them into gloomy skies,

until all thats left of me




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