Your world

You don’t know what it is,

But it pulls you closer to her right away.

Her eyes seem so innocent and pure, yet at the same time seem to seductively muster your soul in the subtlest of ways.

She’s like a breeze at the beach,

Humid and hot, yet you happily welcome her refreshing presence.

All about her seems so beautiful and divine,

All you want to do is to be close to her, to run your fingers through her hair, down her spine.

However to her the world seems all but lucid, nothing but an illusion,

And something about the way this world works, seems to send her into a state of confusion.

Her mind begins to wander off into the hue of the undiscovered grey space.

To her, this world seems so small and cruel, she can’t escape.

All she wants is to feel loved, for a meaningful reality to take shape.

And whilst she tries to comprehend just the insignificance of her little world,

You see the world in her eyes,

And to you, its never been so clear,

Whilst to her is all blurred, this world only seems to bring her tears and fear.

To you, she is the world, the universe, in her presence, you feel complete.

You might not understand this chemistry, but every day, your feelings for her grow and repeat.

Every day, you find another dimension in her eyes to love and discover,

You adore her to pieces, you want her to be yours, for you to be her lover.

However to her you are an illusion, the world seems insignificant and dull, 

Whilst to you, she is everything, the world, and something about her, just won’t leave your mind, its been trapped in your skull,

And you still don’t quite know what it is, 

But it pulls you closer to her, every day,

And whilst all she wants to do is leave, all you want her to do, is stay.


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