Life advice

Find adventure in every day, 

Don’t let time go to waste.

We always see the negative coming our way,

See the present as misplaced.

But once you let go of tensions,

And start to see the beauty in each storm,

Life will look a lot  more beautiful,

Anxiety, takes another form.

Dont let yourself get beat up by peoples expectations,

They only do your harm.

Focus on your own aspirations,

Take criticism with wit and charm.

You can trust, 

But not too fast.

Dont forget, its normal to change and adjust,

But never okay to wear a mask.

And most of all, do what makes you happy.

So go ahead be crazy, make mistakes, and go all out,

Make stories worth remembering,

Let people hear you laugh and shout.

Make your presence felt, and treat people with respect,

Make them remember you by how you made them feel,

Dont forget the friends who were always there for you,

Dont make them feel neglect.

But in the end,

All that really matters,

Is that you had an adventure worth living and telling.

Make this life YOUR adventure, everyday.