Broken lights

Maybe one day her light will shine a little brighter.
Now it’s dull and grey, abused and broken,
It flickers and turns a little more grey, with every word shes spoken.
Her life is the perfect stage set up, every move is planned,
The lines have been burned so deep into her skin,
That whatever seems to be left, is mostly bland.
Her smiles and tears and witty charm, all seem to be dead.
All her secrets remain just another line she said.
She’s been so used to being used,
That pain seems to be her only friend.
A strangers invasive touch seems so close to her reality.
Touches usually turn to more,
But she goes along with it, it seems like just another chore.
“The bruises will fade with time,
They just show how much I love you, and that you are only mine.”
That’s what he always told her from her childhood onwards.
But her friends they never questioned it,
And even if they did, she just couldn’t allow herself and for her daily reality to speak.
Her mouth is taped but in her head lay books with all the stories she never dares to speak.
And show what truly remains of her, and the fact that she is broken and weak.