Once up on a time,

There lived a little girl,

With long blonde curls,

Happily dancing her way, through her colourful little world.

Life was the shiniest of all ocean bathed pearls.

That is until,

Reality came crashing in.

The vivid watercolours of her world,

Were washed away, by realities sad grey hue.

Her once so beautiful ocean, shiny and blue,

Now covered by the remains of their emaciated bodies.

And she was just a young little helpless thing.

Absent of the dress with the glittered bottom,

And the earrings that had her lovers face imprinted.

Reality now skewed her little watercolour world, and everything seemed more blurry and squinted.

Her lovers face wasn’t anymore imprinted in her earrings,

Instead, they would come and go, one by one.

Pretending to love, making her feel, like she was someone.

They would caress her and shower her with all that bloody affection she always craved,

They had all the good looks, almost got her enslaved.

But then they would invite her over for a night,

And never talk to her again, never even put up a fight.

They would lock her away from their lives,

And only invite her back, when they were feeling deprived.

And do you remember, how in the story book, she ended up marrying Ken, and having a cute little son?

Well that wasn’t the case in reality, maybe the watercolour story yes, but not this one.

She would end up pregnant and alone,

With society hitting her like a helpless flower onto sharp icy stone.

Society would end up telling her, what a failure she was,

“So young, and so dumb, She doesn’t even have the father?”

And in all the hurry, she would see no way out,

But death.

No “Till death us part.” 


None of that.

And she lived happily ever after,

The end-


Mind Talk


Stay put and calm,


Dont show the sweat on your palms.

Is this really it? Is this really what I deserve?

From someone I never loved, 

Something I never wanted to preserve?

And then theres society, telling me what I do is wrong,

When in all reality,

They would do the same.

I should’ve known all along.

That I shouldn’t have done this. 

But Im young, I want to live, be free… right?

But then, you see,

This happens.

Now Im alone.

All love is gone.

Im trapped in darkness, even though Im still this young.

What should I do? Im lost and alone!

People despise me,

They want me gone. 

Tell me Im gone until I fucking believe it as well.

I want to be gone as well, okay?

I crave to give up the fight, every day.

I crave to fly back a few years, to when people still loved me.

Cute and innocent. 

And now? What will happen?

Will every talk about this? 

Will this whole issue, become who I am?

The girl who messed up, THE END.


Not like the storybooks 

I’ve had enough,Of unreal kisses down my spine.

Of smiles, that in the end, only kindle to dust,

The need of having to impress a stranger with words, that in the end, become meaningless.
All for a night, a momentary glimpse, of what it could be like, 

but it’s not real.

A text message every now and then, to make her feel loved,

With only one final goal in mind for her.
I’ve had enough,

Of getting familiar with faces, that in the end, fade away anyways.

Of touches that I thought, were real, a love that I thought, was real.

So raw and fresh, I could almost taste its bitter aftertaste.

How come the story books never describe it like that? 

My friends warn me but their stories seem the same,

Apparently it’s become ok to numb her mind so much, she doesn’t anymore feel the pain.
When did it become a thing to not care?

To use her and then leave? 

This is not like the story books described it….

 Not at all.


Ever since you came along

Ever since you came along, my world feels strangely crude.

A pale lighted world only winters sun could give, and Im running from solitude.

On the rim of reality, where droplets of the black river don’t flow the way they should,

Im searching for some warmth, an intense mass of pure fire, fed by hazel wood.

Ever since you came along, Im caught in a world in the far,

Colours we know, they don’t exist, and the lighting is bizarre.

And most of all, what scares me dear, is that it feels immensely strange,

How the the light should make me feel happy, but I wish for that to change.

The light it fills my heart, until its uncomfortably full,

Full of a light, whose source I can’t spot, a light, thats strangely dull.

The sun is gone, and the colours are fading,

Into a day, seemingly absent of shading. 

This world, the shapes, they’re slightly unclear,

Im confused, where do I go, my dear?

Im lost in the shadows, they have faded into every of my limbs,

Now Im just one of the many lost shadowed and hollow skins.

 And ever since you came along, my world feels strangely crude,

I got caught in its beauty, and over time, my vision slowly got skewed.

Reality was just a thing, flowing away, in the black river, that I thought never flowed,

It became twisted in the darkness, became a secret I had to decode.

But now Its too late, my heart its weak, and my strength has faded into the sun,

I wish I could go back, but whatever you did, my dear, it can never be undone.


And this, was her.

She walked towards me with so much grace, 

Her aureate hair balletically brushing over her back in waves,

Seesawing from left to right, in the rhythm of her seemingly every planned out step.

She glanced over, her starry eyes searching purportedly for a story within me.

They reminded me of a child’s water colour painting,

How they tried to paint the leaves of the trees, but water spilled leaving a subdued shade.

And then the feeling overcame me, there was something about her,

So safe, so warm, so alluring.

In her embrace, time stopped, wind stood still, and rain evaporated into resplendent beams of the sun. 

She radiated nothing but grace, had me enthralled.

But as she passed me, slowly drowning in the horizon,

Her eyes became darker, fading into the pale moon.

She became a thin replica of love,

Caught between the warmth of her presence, desire, and conquest.

And the longer she stayed, the more I began to see,

The real, her, the real, she.

She no more only beamed with love and warmth,

But instead broke my mind into a frenzy of sparks.

What was she?

Something weird stuck between arrogance, and shyness?

When she smiled, her cheeks glowed an attractive rosiness,

She was that young child, trying to hide behind her mother, using her as a shield from the big darkness of the world.

But then she would somehow stand up, and walk away with a look of unassailable confidence in her eyes.

That kind of confidence, that would make anyone believe anything that passed her lips.

Her closeness had something aggressively defensive about it, 

Making my hands spread tightly like a starfish around my coffee cup,

But at the same time, this made me crave her closeness even more.

Her warm, yet aggressive nature, 

Got me caught in her limpid vapour.

And all she had to do, was snap her fingers,

For me to get caught in the sweetness of her flavour.

And this, was her.


Shadow Amongst the Others

How does he not notice? He is, but a shadow amongst the others.

My eyes have frozen over like the surface of a winter pond,

And I’d really need for someone to rekindle the heat I once beamed.

But my insides are to damp with un-cried tears.

Its not the dying that scares me, its the pain.

But he doesn’t seem to see it in me.

My pain is more a burden, than a cut or a bruise.

Its pulling me underneath earths surface.

My fingers feel heavy and my head spins when I think of it,

My soul wishes not to fly, but walk deep into the darkness of the ocean,

And never to come back.

My chest heaves heavily, with every breath I take.

Im drowning, don’t you see?

How does he not notice? 

Maybe after all, he’ll stay a shadow amongst the others.