oh Dear

Oh dear, what do I do? 

I’m just a little lost, what about you?

Oh dear, where do I go?

Do I go against, or with lives flow? 

Oh dear, I think chaos is my best friend

But does it really depend? 

Oh dear, 

I think the only thing holding me back, 

is fear.


Nights Fate

Sometimes when I’m alone,

Surrounded by nights starry blankets, I feel at home.

I tilt back my head to see,

The universe that lays right in front of me.

The Stars nightly twinkle never sheds and their beauty remains,

And I feel the nights chilly breeze flush through my veins.

And I start to whisper words into starry skies.

Start to reveal everything no one knows, all my faces my lies.

All absorbed by dim lights sparkling away.

I know the stars won’t judge what I say, and I know they will never run, always stay.

Until the Suns light warms my face,

And my nightly whispers have disappeared in nights fate.


Draining away

Only when she had nothing to loose,

Nothing to gain,

That is, when she started loosing her sense of pain.

Slowly draining away,

Every single day,

That is when her world started turning dark and grey.

“Aren’t we all a little lost?” She used to think and say.

“Or is it just my world, thats slowly rotting away?”

Her world was draining,

Until there was little left, barely nothing remaining.

She was strong, or was she?

Or was it just what she was portraying herself to be?

Standing alone in cold rain,

But even that would always drain.

Drain away, until there was nothing left.

Drain away her heart in her brittle chest.

Drain away the love she never found,

And disappear into dusty ground.

What a beauty she had always been,

But there was nothing left within.

“If they really cared,” she cried

“How could they watch me, while I died?”

“Rip out my heart so theres nothing left.”

“I may not feel but there is inner unrest.”

“Just drain my soul to its last bitter drop,

Don’t try to prevent me, don’t try to make me stop.”

“Just let my memories fade away,

And take the little I have left, and make it decay.”

“Cut my throat and let me feel,

The only warmth run down my hands, at least it’ll be real.”

“Just burn the leftover of me,

And let me fly free with waves of the sea.”





of me.”

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Let my Hand Go

Let my hand go,

Let me disappear into red tinted snow.

Can’t you see I have feelings too?

Can’t you understand I have to let you go, because I love you?

I know it’s harsh and hardly sane,

But this is how I deal with pain.

How am I ever going to find my guiding light,

If you keep me hidden away at night? 

Please don’t cry, please don’t cry,

I know it’s hard to break the bond of you and I.

it was always us two, 

You know me, and I know you.

Two cold hearts unite to an uncomprehendable to most friendship,

We never cried, until this whole story took a flip.

And now we have no choice but to be teared apart,

And we wish we could play our story from the start.

But don’t you realize we have to move on?

The world keeps spinning, and our hearts will stay as one.

And every night before you go to sleep, 

Look at the moon, and sky’s stars so deep.

Remember my tunes in your times of sadness, 

Or forget me if it can cure your madness.

Just what matters the most to me,

Is your happiness, don’t you see?

So after you let go of my hand,

Wherever you gotta go, whatever you gotta do,

Just remember that I’ll always be in your heart, and I’ll always love you.