Silent Tears

Stiffen that upper lip, my dear.
Stand straight and proud, whilst you face your biggest fear.
Watch and smile ,
Whilst we take away all that matters to you, it’ll be gone in just a while.
Hold back those tears, go with the flow,
This is something we call pain, we all have to undergo.
Her inner fire is exploding and cooking beneath pale skin.
The airs so still you can hear the drop of a pin.
She is truly on her own now.
She knows she wants to survive, but how?
She’s always had a tough cold heart,
Almost nothing could ever tear this apart.
But she’d never been alone,
Her heart had never completely been made of stone.
There had always been some warmth around,
That had guided her and loved her, she was bound.
But now she was alone ,
Her heart of ice bursted and was emotion overflown.
Her warmth was far away now, gone.
But even though far away, she still felt the warmth from Rays of the sun.
Even though separated and far away,
She could feel Suns affection was there every day.
Every night though when she was alone, 
And she was alone through her flesh to her bone,
Silent tears would creep down her cheek
Only now she could show the side of her, that was weak.
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Dream Killer

Blow out the candles and dim the lights,

Close your eyes in stary nights.

Take a breath and say goodbye,

To whom you’re now, just make it fly.

Fly from reality, far away

To a world without rules, or so they say.

Do as you please, act as you want

For this colourless clay world seems less blunt.

Dig your fingers in cold clay ,

And model all your life away.

Make a heart, its all about you,

Or take that heart and tear it in two.

Make a knife and sharpen it nicely,

The night is short, so use your time wisely.

Now the hunt begins, she’s looking for fresh pray,

In her limitless world of bloody clay.

She is a dream killer and she won’t stop,

Until she sees her prays spilled blood.

She loves her nightly dreams of clay,

Loves to make fantasies play away.

Any lost dreamer wandering about,

Will have wished to have never stumbled around.

They’ll suffer in breathlessness until the next day,

When rays of light awaken them in surprise and sway.

They would never guess,

That their nightmare was just another dreamers mind mess.

Lady by day and killer by night,

She’s the fighter not the flight.

So next time you close your eyes,

Don’t get lost in orientation, be wise.

For you might just land in her land of clay,

And be her next bloody prey. 

dramatic, poem, poetry

World Stops

The world stops

Heavy heartbeats

Drumming to the beat of lives sweet tunes.

The air lays morbidly still

Sweet tunes crumble to dust

 Flying into a timeless space

Heavy heartbeats become weak

And lifes song remains nothing

But ongoing echoes of my hearts last beat.


What is life now?

See her smile turn into a frown

And disappear into nights starry gown.

Droopy oak trees cry their leaves to sleep

We lose all the hope we promised to keep.

What is life now?



Can she get you to comprehend?

The smallest pieces of her puzzle, that never seems to end?

Will you ever truly see her real face?

Or will you be forever trapped in her psychic game of a maze?

Will she ever uncover herself from rusty old armour?

Or will she for ever stay a mysterious mind, playing the charmer?

She is covered yet no one cares why.

She is weeping and drowning, but no one seems to hear her cry.

She is shouting and screaming in sheer indignation.

But every time she tries to talk, they overhear her hidden explanation.

Burn this white flower to see whats left,

Only darkness and unrest.

Dont forget to keep that armour shiny my dear!

Or it will some day fall off, isn’t that your biggest fear?

Just be sure to keep hidden,

And never show your darkness, it is forbidden.


Two Faced

Nothing is worse, than having layed out your full trust to someone,

Only for it to be destroyed and burned right in front you of.

And as you watch it’s rests flicker away into pitch black night skies,

It becomes apparent,

You can’t trust anyone in this world.

So overthink your words,

They might just get twisted,

And spread like fire.

The fire burning your trust.

You might not always see it,

But it’s always flickering somewhere behind your back.

And all that, just because everyone

Is two faced.

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Sorry, but I cant easily lie

Sorry, but this just wont work, with the you and I

Its been some time, and I want to let you go

Dont you worry, darling, let me run free in white snow

Im a creature made to be free,

Im someone whos completely happy to be by myself, just me.

You havent done anything wrong,

Its okay, no one ever comprehends the meaning behind my sad humming song.

I care about you, but you have to let me go

Even though your world is turning grey and turning slow

You are now living in the past, my dear

You are living in the past, with constant fear.

But I ask you to let the past go, and let fresh air in,

Ignore the sad background tunes of the violin.

And if you need time, I understand,

Do what is best for you, even if that involves completely letting go of my hand.

I know I am no good for you and I will try,

To always be here for you, help you when you are alone, and cry.

But you have to let me go, darling, set me free out of your mind,

The past is something you have to leave behind.

Sorry, but I cant easily lie

Sorry, but this just wont work, with the you and I…

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Get Rid of You

I have thought this through.

I want to get rid of you.

I will make you scream in pain,

And make you suffer, make you insane.

I will destroy you physically and mentally,

And manipulate you until there’s no going back.

You better leave soon, sweetie.

Or it will be me, who has to attack.

Get your hopes away from me.

Once you’ve reached the point of being unable to do that, you’ll never be free.

If you cant leave, get used to tears and crying.

Get used to giving up on trying.

Get used to pain.

Get used to the real me,

And I swear, that, you wouldn’t want to see.