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Dearest of my Foes,

Dearest of my Foes,

Listen up, this is especially for you!

Why is it me that you chose?

Why is it my world you had to turn grey and blue?

Do you remember that time,

That I was struggling, I was on the steepest part of my lifes climb?

Yes? Do you?

Do you remember how,

I was always that happy little girl, tried to live in the present, tried to live in the now?

I think you remember my dear foe, I think you do very clearly.

Do you also remember how you ripped me off my climb?

Do you remember how you beat me to the ground, committing your crime?

You should also remember how you slowly over years,

Cut out my heart, and added to my fears.

You clearly remember this, I know.

I saw the pure enjoyment in your face, that time you nearly suffocated me outside in cold snow.

And after you, the once so vibrant and happy child,

Was a wreck. Now she was burning on the inside, barley smiled.

But with every fire in my life,

Ive always tried to overcome the strife.

I managed to with even the biggest fire, even you.

Ive managed to paint over my world of grey and blue.

So I hope you are proud of what youve done,

I hope you see the sense in taking others happy lives away, taking their fun.

At least for me, you havent changed a thing.

Im happy now, and you remain nothing, but a little bee sting.

And i dont know if you know,

But bees die after stinging their prey, so I hope you got what you wanted out of this, I hope you got your show.

And I just want to say,

That my heart is mine again, Ive thrown you out of my life, and you will never, ever, ever, be able to stay.

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Its warm and sun rays are warming my face,

A fresh breeze is flowing around tunes of the double bass.

We are together, we are one.

Its been a long time since we’ve had this much fun.

I missed you, I must say.

You’re always gone, sad, or away.

Its been a long time since we had a laugh all together, it feels like its been years!

It feels like all this time you’ve only been drowning in tears.

You never notice but you affect the mood of me,

Even the the mood of the rest of our little family.

And every time I see you destroy a little more of yourself,

It affects me too.

So being together and united again,

Is such a wonderful thing, and all the pain, is washed away by the rain.

I love to see everyone smile together,

And dance around in circles in sunny weather!

Lets make this feeling last,

Lets stay vibrant and jolly like the greenest of grass.

And lets hold our hands, and never let them go,

The only thing that matters is that we are there for each other, and that, we have to show.

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Hello? Is anybody here?

Anyone, to lend me an ear?

Its so dark and cold, I feel alone.

Ive got friends and family, so why do I never feel at home?

Why am I trapped alone, by myself?

Like an old book trapped away in the darkest deepest corner of a library shelf.

My only company is my echoing screams for help,

I try to get attention, make you look at me, I scream, I yelp.

Anyone? Can you hear me?

Why am I surrounded by people, yet feel so alone?

Can you hear me?



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Generation Dead

What happened to life and living?
What happened to caring, not taking but giving?
Has our society really come this far?
That the only movement of people is from their bed to the kitchen to the car?
What happened to friendly talks with strangers by the sea side?
Why are people turning so weirdly antisocial, alone, like they have something to hide?
This generation is fast and never stops,
There’s barley time anymore to enjoy life’s little pleasures, it’s like we’re constantly being watched by cops!
But is it really just that?
At the same time we are getting lazy, boring, fat.
Kids at the age of 5 getting their phones,
When I was their age, I was playing with sticks and stones.
Walk through the hallways of a school and what you’ll see,
Is dozens of 1st graders sitting on their computers whilst outside its nice and sunny.
What happened to imagination?
What happened to childhoods of jumping around in mud, a time of fun, failure and creation.
A family who only sees each other for dinner,
Sits down but there it is, the ring of the sinner.
Dad jumps up and leaves for the call,
The children don’t seem to like this at all.
Our world is always evolving, I get that,
Of course we can’t stay back in time, go back to the times we thought our world was flat.
But what we can do,
Is take a deep breath stop thinking less about the me, I myself, you.
Turn off that phone every now and then,
Don’t let your children waste their lives in a virtual world of loneliness.
Let them be creative, hand them a piece of paper and a pen.
Don’t make them fall asleep in front of the TV, tell them stories of Spider-Man, the monster of Loch Ness !
Don’t let them evolve into imagination less wrecks with squared vision,
Let them be creative, give them a goal, a mission!
And this is what our Generation has come to,
Efficiency at the cost of the quality of life and what we like to do.

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All I Am

All I am is an empty caracas of lies
An empty carcass filled with cloudy ice.
You are the only one who can see
Past the cloudiness, you see right through me.
We lay in cold sand,
You look at me, seem to understand.
Nights icy blankets of darkness are my friend
I fade in with the darkness, creating a harmonious blend.
Life returns to me,
With warm kisses down my spine
I feel, you are my only warmth, so sublime.
Melt my icy inner self,
Until there’s nothing left.
Set me free darling, let me go,
Let me be one with nights blankets, melt my icy heart of snow.
Set me free darling, kiss me, let me go.

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When my day comes

When my day comes,
The day that all left of me will be my souls crumbs ,
And my color fades away,
I have one request, if I may.
Don’t lock me in a box and burry me deep under.
Why? You might wonder.
Well, Reaching the end of my days,
I will sink into darkness, say goodbye to my life lived in color and craze.
So Don’t just burry me in the ground.
It’s so dark and cold down there, nothing beautiful to be found.
Ill just be another set of rusty bones locked away
From society to forget, not to remember, my memory will get lost, no one will pray.
A long lost soul caught in a box beneath the ground,
This scares me, I’ll be locked in the darkness never to be thought of, or found.
I know one day all my memories will fade and I’ve come to terms with that,
But to be buried in cold soil of sorrow will make my soul crave light, want to come out of the colorless matte.
Instead sprinkle me on forests of green,
So I can feel lights beam.
Sprinkle some in the waters of the ocean,
So I can be one with waves emotion.
Let my colors fly free,
I might be gone on earth, but my colors will be able to fly free spiritually.
Just don’t lock me in the dark,
Don’t do that to me,
Leave my soul the Beauty of this world, let it flow free.