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Rusty Rooftops

I just wanna climb on the rusty rooftops with you,
And lay down on the creaky old, cold metal
You can take me into your arms and I will feel warmth trickling down my spine
And stare with you at the blue moon and stars, and get distracted by your eyes, so sublime.
I can almost feel your fingers run through my hair,
And hear your voice chatter into the light of the stars as we lay in the midst of chilled gloomy air.
Our bodies are freezing and the only warmth we get is by gentle kisses
I’ll let our minds wander off into the stars and infinities of the night time sky.
Say goodbye to planet earth, but soon
The sun will rise and warm our bodies with the first light of the day,
And we will wake up to each other, just smile.
Just exchange looks and say nothing for a while.
There are no words to express how we feel right now.
Oh how I love those rusty rooftops,
Of my imagination.

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Please tell me, I need to know, why are you so bitter?

If I had a coffee without milk and sugar, that would be you.

Please tell me, I need to know, why do you shiver? Its not even cold.

If I had a dried up rose, and dipped it in lemon juice, that would be you.

Please tell me, I need to know, why do you cry at night? I hear you through the doors and walls.

If I had an unripe apple, that would be you.

Please tell me, I need to know, why dont you smile anymore? Its reflecting upon your loved ones, havent you noticed?

If I had an half empty glass of water, that would be you.

Please tell, I have to know, what do you talk about? It doesn’t make sense.

If I had a bunch of sad children who just got robbed of their toys, that would be you.

Please tell me, I want to know, why are you wearing a mask that smiles every once in a while? When you’re sobbing underneath it, yes I see that.

Yes I notice you cry, even if you aren’t physically.

But your eyes tell stories, but I am yet to find out their meaning.

Please tell, I want to know, why are you so bitter? Thats not you.

Where have you gone?

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Pure bitter, Ice cold Heart

You talk to her and you feel,

This sudden warmth, you feel alive, real.

Eyes as glimmering green as emerald, shining in the morning sun,

Studying your lips, giving you that glimpse, it will stay in your mind forever, cant be undone.

You feel your heart melting like vanilla ice cream on the hottest of summer days,

You ask yourself how all that could happen by just her gaze?

You feel you’re the only one, the chosen. She has chosen you!

Oh darling, if only you knew.

If only you knew the things she’s got in her mind about you, you`d run.

But what would be the fun in you gone?

She’s playing with your heart, haven`t you noticed?

Its challenging, especially when you`re so focused

On her eyes, theres something magical about them, or is there?

They are slowly penetrating your chest, your heart is at its weakest now.

And all it took was a couple of seconds for her to get there… how?

She knows how to play this game,

For every victim its more or less, the same!

Make them feel loved and forget all the pain,

and weaken their hearts to their most vulnerable state.

In the beginnings they never notice, only little clues.

She smiles when you’re in pain, seems to be amused.

You touching her hand,

Its cold, like nighttime frozen sand.

You kiss and her eyes are open,

She wants your pain, wants to see you broken.

But she’s made you blind to all this, you are hooked and she is your drug.

You long for more and more, with every touch, kiss, even hug.

You want to run your fingers through her luscious hair,

Go through life with her without a care,

You want to be together, exist as two,

Let nothing ever separate you.

But just when you have been glued to her soul,

And you’re ever so close to reaching your goal,

And you stand  on a cliff, its beautiful.

The blue moon is shining and everything seems as usual.

You dont notice the drop, you’re so close now, she can almost taste it.

And darling you, still believe both you you will never split.

She looks at you one last time.

She seems so beautiful now, so sublime.

And all it takes is a small push.

For you to fall and rip your heart from hers.

It hurts, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

But to her, it was nothing but a chore, as you hit the floor.

You cry yourself to sleep and seem to think that she is too,

You were in love with her, so mustn`t she be in love with you?

I hate to disappoint, but you’ve missed, that even though you thought her heart was made of gold,

Her heart is just pure, bitter, ice, cold.

And all it needs to live, is others pain.

And now you stand here alone, in the rain.

Too bad her feelings are gone and she doesn’t care,

And this chain reaction all started with just, one glare.

Her heart is made of ice.

And every new soul she catches, has to pay a price.

So congratulations, you’re one of them.

Your life-long pain

Will feed her bitter heart, as you are nothing to her, but her daily champagne.

If only you knew her heart wasn’t made out of gold,

But that it was pure bitter, ice cold.

You might have lived.


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The End is Near

The end is near they say, the end is near.

It creeps just  a little closer with every tear.

With every breath, word, doing.

Weather or not you’re pursuing.

Pursuing your  dreams, you’re racing against time.

You can sing your song, but it wont stay in chime.

They say why hope, when all will be lost in the end?

Why waste your time with a fake friend?

When with time you`ll be nothing but a far fetched memory, that will fade.

They always say the end is near,

but why live life in fear?

Life is short, but that helps us understand,

That life is a beautiful thing, we should live it, stand with naked feet in the sand.

We should jump around and breathe the air,

Love, smile, and pursue our dreams without a care.

We should enjoy the time we are given and count our days in moments,

Rather than to negatively bring down ourselves and despise life with all its components.

They say the end is near, it might.

But life is too colourful, too bright.

To notice the dark and despise our life`s.

To cut our life deep with sharp black knifes.

Why not love it, when its beautiful in its own ways,

Rather than to despise it, live your life in happiness and craze.

Use the the little time you’ve got and listen to the sound of the air,

Possibilities are infinite, its you to decide weather or not to care.

The end is near they say, the end is near.

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Afraid to love

Afraid to love.

Afraid, because I know it will end.

Afraid, because I know you will cry.

Afraid, because I know you will try,

Try to get me back, but I will deny.

Afraid to love.

Afraid all the memories made will be lost,

And Afraid that my cold heartedness will come at a cost.

Afraid not only because you will cry,

But also I.

Afraid to love.

Afraid to have your picture in my head, to know you were good,

And for me to slowly burn it in front of you, to be misunderstood.

Im afraid that you will stop all contact,

First it was love, then it will turn into the opposite and contrast.

Afraid to love.

Afraid to hand over my trust only for it to be destroyed like numerous times before,

Afraid for our love to become a chore.

A heavy chain that only brings me down,

Afraid our love will make me frown.

Afraid to love.

Afraid for my glass wall to slowly crumble down.

Afraid to slowly drown.

Afraid to drown in something I dont want to do,

But Ill do it, because its, well, you.

Afraid to love.

Afraid for a future that is close by,

Afraid to see you slowly die.

Afraid because its a race against time,

Afraid our love will be nothing but a crime.

Afraid to love.

Im afraid, but I still do.

I am still madly in love with you.


But I feel it will go downhill.

And I fear for that.

Afraid to love, I say.

Dont misunderstand me, I want the love to stay.

But I know it wont stay for a long time.

Our tunes wont stay in chime.

I will burn your heart into pieces, and Ill have to watch, but I cant.

Afraid to love.

Ive decided to enjoy the time we have.

But it stays in the back of my head, always.

That Im afraid, for the near end.

For me to lose my trust, lover, and best friend.

Afraid to love.

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I loved her and she disappeared into snow.

Leave me standing alone, disappear with the flow.

Your words do hurt me,

I know you know,

But why leave me standing alone, in the snow?

It is cold and all warmth fades,

From a once so strong love, someone who was always there in aid.

She was the one I wanted to be,

Yes, she used to be a big part of me.

But years didn’t wait for me to see,

That this is not who I want to be.

Bring me down with your sharp words,

And use them cut me deep,

Whip me with them for me to cry myself to sleep.




She seems to confident in her doings,

Like its something missing in her, she has to replace.

Every time she cuts a part of me, no tears run down her face.

Her emotions are gone and all she takes to live,

Is others pain, to take and never to give.

But I still love her, no matter what.

No matter how many words she throws at me to cut,

Is just another little part of me that dies inside.

She doesn’t care, keeps her head up with pride.

And still they expect me to say,

I love you, no matter what.

No matter what you do, say, act.

But let me tell you, that even though I do, your doings will always remain fact.

And now I stand alone in the red tinted snow.

And they expect me to say,

I love you.

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Dangerous Love

Oh Darling, how I am sorry,

I really am,

For you are my next victim.

You might not be saying it, yet.

But I can see it in your eyes.

Oh darling, how I am sorry,

For you are my next victim.

Im just a drug to influence your mind,

And by just one stare can make you blind.

Oh darling you, just like many others have fallen into my trap,

Covered in a golden, enchanting wrap.

Oh darling, how I am sorry,

For I know your heart is vulnerable,

I really do.

But darling let me tell you,

That this drug will only be a short lived high,

And I will disappear into night without goodbye.

Oh darling, how I am sorry,

For I know your humble heart

Shall break into a thousand pieces, like a horrible work of art.

Oh darling, how I am sorry,

For the tears you will cry,

Like raindrops shed from the sky.

For I know my drugs after effects will be long lasting

And I will stay in your mind and you’ll find yourself grasping.

Oh darling how I am sorry,

For you are my next victim.