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One Look

All it took was one look.

One look it was, that started a chain reaction in my body.

Fingers go numb, I am paralysed by this beautiful creature.

All it took, was one look, and I was caught on the hook.

Our stares are colliding, quick! React!

But what did I do, just stare.

Hit too hard by the stares impact.

So soft yet so colliding, so abstract, just by his one glare,

All I could do, was dumbly stare.

Stare at his eyes, his lips, his smile, his.. everything.

My words started to stutter, my mind started forgetting.

The world around is nothing but background noise that I barely noticed,

I was too carried away by, well, you. Too focused.

And all my lips can form is a distant sounding “Hey.”

Nothing more, not even asking about how hes doing, his day.

Before the world seemed so black and white,

But by one stare its suddenly more colourful, more bright.

And all it took was one look.

One look, was all it took.

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The Puzzle

You think you know me?

You THINK you do.

You think you’ve solved my puzzle?

Well you should think that through.

You’ve solved two pieces out of a hundred, congratulations.

Yeah I admit, my puzzle does need some patience.

Ive got two faces, but you`ve only seen one.

And that one is the pretty face, bubbly, happy, fun.

It shows most of the time, overshadowing the other, that no one wants to see.

But as much as I want to deny it, its a part of me.

Every now and then, when my world comes crashing down,

The usual smile turns into a frown.

I cant explain it, sometimes theres no reason,

Its like a quick change of weather, from the sunny, to the rainy season.

Over weeks and weeks my happy side shows, ignoring the bad.

The bad does stay with me, but I ignore it, dont let it make me mad.

And the smile turns bigger, so it can hide this pile of badness thats accumulating in my brain.

Its there to hide how much it actually causes me pain.

I want to be strong, and never show fears.

Ignore my sadness, Ignore the tears.

And every once in a while, when the burden becomes to big to hold in,

My whole world comes crashing in.

Like a dam breaking.

And all that just because I was was faking.

Faking and hiding, behind that beautiful smile.

But let me tell you, that fades every once in a while.

The happy side is pleasant, but once in a while its okay,

To let that smile fade away.

Our minds need some time to deal with the bad,

And if you choose to ignore that, it will make you sad.

Even if the bad might seem ever so small and insignificant, deal with it.

It wont do you any bad, it will give you a benefit!

And then you can be happy, and smile without having to hide,

The other burdened, side.

Because the burden will be gone, and the side will feel free,

And both sides will be in harmony, just like waves in the sea.

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“Just teenager things”

Sometimes they`re not very trusting.

Sometimes they`re in a bad mood.

Sometimes they have their own opinion on something.

Sometimes they dont like their food.

“Those are just teenager things”-my mom used to say.

All they do is one thing stupider than another, and that, everyday.

They walk through life like it were some sort of game,

Dreams are unrealistic, be a superstar, have fame.

“Those are just teenager things”-my mom used to say.

But how are those teenager things?

How is it bad to have dreams and goals, unrealistic to reach, and fly with our imaginary wings?

How is it different to anyone else, old, young or in between?

We all have our own opinions, weather we are old, young or a teen.

“Those are just teenager things”-my mom used to say.

But I can prove her wrong!

All they do is be human, just like everyone else, some more crazy than others, and that, everyday.


What is Success?

How do you measure success?

The first obvious answer is, money.

But I dont fully agree with this statement anymore.

What is money? Sheets of paper. You can burn them and they are gone.

What does money do?

Buy you things, materialism.

Is materialism therefore success?

It seems silly to me.

So what is success?

Success is being happy in life, but often , people think the only way to achieve this is by: buying more.

More, MORE, MORE Always more.

But these moments only last for a short amount of time.

What would these people do without constantly consuming new goods?

How would they be happy, successful, you name it.

Why cant people just start appreciating simple things life gives to you for free?

Be happy because of your wonderful family that you’ve built.

Be happy for your wife, brothers and sister who will support and love you no matter what.

Be happy for knowledge that life gas given to you and

Be happy and grateful for what you have, not worry about what you dont have.

Happiness is love, emotion.

Happiness is seeing someone else happy because you helped them.

Happiness in knowing that you always tried your best and

Happiness is knowing you managed to keep your head above the ground and tried harder and harder.

Happiness is knowing that because of your efforts, you never slipped into oblivion,

Because you kept trying.

You are a fighter and never give up.

Happiness are memories that make you smile, and cry.

So dont tell me your life isn’t successful.

Dont break your own heart.

Because if you look deep inside, to find out what truly defines your success.

What truly matters to you in the end of the day,

just before night breaks in,

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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A Layer of Shiny Glass

Thoughts fade, eyes close.

My body is only a carcass filled with the remains of my soul from battle.

Whats left is a pretty outer case,

Enclosed in a layer of shiny glass.

But not even that can hold the soul thats slowly dripping out of once so little gaps,

Now big rips that are slowly expanding with every tear.

Whats left is a puppet wandering through what we call “life.”

All it takes is a small push for the glass to break.

A small push and you’ll see,

That all thats left



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Darkness of Depression

Its slowly pulling her down into darkness

A darkness she’s created for herself over years.

And its pulling her down

But she enjoys the pain.

She has learned to do so.

She slowly drowns in her own sorrow,

Hoping there will be no tomorrow.

But halfway down she realises

That its not life treating her bad,

and that theres more to be happy for, than sad.

And as she struggles to escape from the darkness, she cant.

Her body is just another paralysed soon to be corps,

floating into darkness.

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With only the click of a button

Transparent snakes of sound

Escape into the outside world

Hanging off objects, finding their ways into ears and cuts.

They can be small, insignificant bundles of entertainment,

Whilst others trigger tears of emotion,

Far fetched memories,

So clear now, you can almost taste their scent.

And even though they only play with one of our senses,

They are powerful words with tune,

Written in ink, performed with passion,

Enjoyed with others or alone.

A blanked of sound is embedded on your brain,

And for a split second, makes you forget all the pain.

For a few minutes you are free,

Forget the world around.

And that is the power of something we call sound.